To begin a child’s life, a mother, a father and God are needed. The life and childhood begin at conception. If the childhood begins at conception, the parenthood can't begin nine months later. The two have to start simultaneously. They begin together at conception.

Project and Facts Revealed:
While reading the Book of Genesis, the author saw one numerical sign, discovered more, and began an entire exegesis of the book. He then noted three unresolved math problems, hard to detect because each was a combination of verses from two or more chapters. Factors from each included parts of the very detailed flood story. The “Two years after the flood” problem had been known of for decades, but he searched and found the other enigmas.

The study led far beyond applying theories and discovering signs. It proceeded to solving the three enigmas. Genesis reveals mathematically that “years old” and “age” begin at birth, but “life” and “span of life” begin at conception. Genesis also discloses mathematically that parenthood and childhood can only begin together at conception. Thinking that way, the math gets resolved; otherwise it does not. At first the author had only planned to read Genesis and discuss Christian beliefs. By the end of this project, he had seen that Genesis mathematically disagrees with the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision.



Chapter 1 Genesis: Words, Numbers, and Questions Raised

Chapter 2 Three Enigmas in Genesis

Chapter 3 Parallel Stories with Signs in Them

Chapter 4 Beginning of Life / Childhood

Chapter 5 Parenthood

Chapter 6 Flood’s Extensive Detail

Chapter 7 Solution to Genesis Enigmas

Chapter 8 Summary

Appendix A: Assumed and Ascended
Appendix B: Sons Sacrificed
Appendix C: “Walked with God”
Appendix D: Paternal Years of Patriarchs’ Fathers
Appendix E: Paternal Years of Patriarchs’ Grandfathers
Appendix F: Children First Seen
Appendix G: All Genesis Parental Years
Appendix H: All Parental Years after the Flood
Appendix I: “Leftovers”