John Martin is a certified public accountant and graduate of Marquette University.  A CPA for more than twenty years, after working with a large accounting firm John spent much of his career with two manufacturing corporations.  Then he began consulting with clients mostly in manufacturing and government.  He lives with his wife and children in the state of Tennessee.

He wasn’t searching to find anything in Scripture regarding when life begins, but simply studying Genesis on his own and looking at parallel stories of the New and Old Testaments.  He thought that every word in Scripture is divinely inspired.  God may as well have been writing Himself.  Even those ages of people in Genesis that might seem illogical are divinely inspired.

After noting what appeared to be numerical signs, which seemed to be linked through the parallel stories, numbers within the stories, and math, he went online and found what had been considered an almost insoluble puzzle.  The unresolved problem was in Genesis and it’s presence had been known of for decades (not centuries).  Believing he’d resolved the puzzle, he became a member/user at Biblical Hermeneutics Stack Exchange (BHSE).  He’s very grateful to the BHSE community because there professors, theologians, and general Scripture readers from various religions, beliefs, and countries analyzed his findings.  At the same time, he searched and found two additional math issues within Genesis (e.g. Enigma #2); BHSE users also reviewed his work on those.  There was only one mathematically correct answer to all three problems (i.e. “life” / childhood and parenthood start simultaneously at conception).


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